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Student Accommodation in Newcastle

Are you a student looking for a housing accommodation that is equal parts exciting, safe and conducive to productivity? Here at BBSA, we provide quality accommodation for both domestic and international students.

Whether you’re looking for a memorable first year studying away from home or looking to end your educational experience off on the right foot, we’ve got a great range of properties, each of which are located within walking distance of the Newcastle University City Campus, as well as several other regional amenities and transportation routes.

Want to soak up the sun with friends and enjoy stunning views of Bar Beach from a six bedroom house? Check out the Beach House. Looking to enjoy some quality nightlife? Check out Darby Street Houses #1 and #2, both of which are located by some of the best pubs, clubs and restaurants in Newcastle.

These are just a few of the many properties we have available; surf around our site, see what grabs your attention and then give us a call. We look forward to being part of your educational experience!


“I have lived in Newcastle City campus for almost two years in Mark’s house. I lived in three different houses. These houses are very good. They are close to Uni, shopping malls, supermarkets, barby food streets, and even better, these houses are very close to the harbour. They are in a prime location in the city but the rent is very reasonable. What’s more, the neighbourhood and Mark’s houses are safe and modern, fully equipped, well decorated and well maintained.

The landlord/manager Mark is a very good Australian native. He is very friendly, enthusiastic, and easy to work with all tenant students, and is a very competent landlord who is very professional in managing the house.”

“It is lucky for me to live in Mark’s houses in the Newcastle City campus for almost two years. They’re close to Uni, shopping centres and supermarkets. Above all, these houses are near to the beach! That means it is a beautiful and comfortable environment to live and study. If you feel tired, just run and release your pressure! Better yet, the roomies are from different countries. They are friendly and enthusiastic and they help me practise my English. We also learned about each other’s different culture, especially in food and sports.

In addition, our landlord Mark is a very nice Australian and he is good at creating a sense of family, which makes every student from foreign countries feel enthusiastic and energetic in Newcastle.”

“I have been living in the house of Mark in Newcastle for 2 years. The house is located in the centre of Newcastle city so it is very convenient for me to get to the shopping centre, university, and restaurant. Besides, the house is well-furnished and equipped with air-conditioner, which does give me a sense of home. Moreover, I can make friends with people from all over the world, which enable me to feel different background cultures. Thanks to this house, I knew my best foreign friend. 

My landlord, Mark, is a pretty nice and responsible person who always solves problems as soon as possible. He is very happy to help every tenant. It is one of the best choices I made to live in this house”

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