Darby Street House #2

Address: Darby Street, Bar Beach, 2300
Amenities: 5 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Toilet, 1 Laundry
Feeatures: Shared Double rooms are available.
Shared Double Rooms From $165.00 per person



Beautifully presented house in a popular location, this home offers students all they need to excel in their studies while living in Newcastle. Equipped with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets, this house offers a great communal living environment and the opportunity to socialise and make new friends with housemates. All bedrooms have flat screen TVs. Wireless broadband is available throughout the house and it is also close to shopping facilities, the beach, local skate park and many pubs and clubs for the night life.

If the sound of this house interests you, please contact us to make an enquiry.

Darby Street House #2 is a serene, clean and relaxing suburban property conducive to productivity and studying as well as entertainment and relaxation with friends.

Located on – yup, you guessed it – Darby Street, occupants of this residence will find that shopping for school supplies is a breeze in the unique shopping district that is Darby Street. Looking to treat yourself to a special breakfast, lunch or dinner to celebrate an exemplary grade? Darby Street has a ton to offer in that regard as well, with many great restaurants in the area.

But enough about Darby Street – what about the home itself?

Equipped with five bedrooms and two full bathrooms, Darby Street House #2 offers a great living environment guaranteed to make socializing with your new school friends and roommates a breeze.

Amenities include a full-sized refrigerator, dinner/breakfast table, comfy wrap-around sofa and study tables in each room. Wireless internet is available throughout the house, ensuring that you’re always connected for your entertainment and schoolwork needs. Each bedroom also contains a flat screen TV, meaning you won’t have to wrestle with your roommates when it comes time to choose something to watch during your Friday night relaxation sessions.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t spaces designed to bring you and your roommates closer; as with all of our residence properties, there are several general living areas throughout the property, including the backyard. These spaces are great for everything from entertaining guests to working on presentations for school.

Other bedroom amenities include bulletin boards for keeping track of important dates, ottomans distributed throughout the house and large windows in each room to ensure that relaxing sunlight is only ever a quick flick of the wrist away via quality blinds over each window.

Security is also a top priority for us here at BBSA – Darby Street House #2 is equipped with proper security measures to ensure that you and your possessions stay as safe as possible during your time spent there. Such precautions include a gated metal first door.

We also make sure you feel as comfortable as possible inside the residence by carefully screening and interviewing each of our hopeful residents and working to place those we feel would make great friends in the same house.

If you’re interested in Darby Street House #2, give us a call today. We’ll gladly arrange a tour for you and let you know more about how BBSA can work to make your college experience exceptional.

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